Keeping a bungalow clean in the jungle

This is no easy task!

 Lapa Rios has a philosophy of using as many organic materials as possible so you really feel like you´re in the middle of the jungle, it´s a daily challenge to keep the jungle out of our guest´s private rooms. This amazing team of young and strong housekeepers are a real treasure.

The house-keeping staff at Lapa Rios ecolodge

The house-keeping staff at Lapa Rios ecolodge

As many of our guests know our bungalows are resting on a steep ridge to guarantee a breathtaking view of the Golfo Dulce from each and every room. This comes with quite some walking up and down for this team.

A view of Lapa Rios from the air

A view of Lapa Rios from the air

Daniel, Edwin, Arturo, Doris, Jorge, Steven and Alexis will always be looking out for any monkeys, macaws or a sloth they can show our guests when walking in and out of their rooms and are essential to a comfortable stay in the rainforest.

Monkeys being monkeys

Just monkeying around at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Kuddos to our housekeeping team!

Lessons from the Osa Peninsula

Perhaps it has become a cliché to talk about the detriments of today’s fast paced world, but one must not forget that many clichés are grounded in reality.

The reality is, that many of us live in big cities, work in high-stress jobs and spend much more time sitting down and inside than is good for us. Our ancestor’s lives were lived in and by the wilderness, and all that encompassed – the animals, the vegetation and the land and sea. The world was defined by harmony and balance. We ran after and caught our dinner, used every last scrap of that animal, grazed on berries and plants and slept under the stars. Perhaps it’s just me, but this life sounds wonderfully simple.

The Osa Peninsula is delightfully different from the urban, modern life many of us occupy, with many aspects that bring you back to a simpler time; a time in which understanding, enjoying and exploring the outdoors was a much more central part of the average persons life. The Osa Peninsula is located in southwestern Costa Rica in the Puntarenas province, encompassing the famed Corcovado National Park, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Golfo Dulce to the east. Home to more than 50% of the species found in Costa Rica, the biodiversity here is paralleled by few other places in the world. 

However, despite the conservation efforts being made in the region, there are a number of issues plaguing the area, like over-fishing, which if ignored, will escalate to the extreme detriment and even demise of the entire eco-system in the area. From this warning, we can learn some very important things about nature, and about life in general.

  1. We must care for the earth – she is fragile and inestimably precious.

  2. We must spend time outside enjoying the natural world, for there is so much of it to enjoy!

  3. The earth is resilient and strong, and if we respect her, we will enjoy her for a long time to come.

Our aim at Lapa Rios Ecolodge is to provide a level of luxury and comfort which satisfies each of our guests, while having a completely neutral to positive impact on the environment and the culture in the area. Take the time to educated yourself on the Osa Peninsula, and never fear being inspired to make change.

Lapa Rios Gets to Know Pinterest

The social media industry is one defined by innovation, continuous change and regular reinvention. Well, Pinterest seems to be the new “it” girl in the world of social media, and we have a few questions for you, our devoted readers!

Who are your favourite travel bloggers? Ours are The World We Live In and Landscape Lifescape. The photography featured on these blogs is astoundingly beautiful, but perhaps more impressive is the great variety! Who are your favourite travel pinners? We love Intrepid Travel and Travel + Leisure.

Now, when it comes to pinning there are a few essentials. Firstly, the photo must be large and high resolution, no one wants to be squinting to see the picture! Secondly, the photo must be interesting and engaging to the person on the other side of the screen in some way. For example, what do you think looks better?



And this:


Or this:


And this:


We thought you might say that.

When you come stay with us at Lapa Rios you will be witness to magnificent wildlife as shown in these photos, and will have loads of opportunities to take memorable photos like these and share them on social media upon your return home! Well, without further delay, happy pinning!

What to do with your cellphone on Vacation?

When you come to stay with us at Lapa Rios, you may find some things are different here than at home.

Flying Spider Monkeys at Lapa Rios Ecolodge in Costa Rica

We have a warm tropical sun, we have gorgeous sandy beaches, we have a jungle in our backyard, and we have no internet. WHAT! NO INTERNET?! Yes folks, its true. But, not only do we know this will make your stay all the more unique and memorable, we think it will also make it more relaxing and authentic.

But, we do acknowledge that you will most likely still have your electronics with you, so we have comprised a list of five great uses for your prized smartphones, in wake of there being no internet access.

Paper weight: maybe you’re writing the manuscript for your new movie, or you’re comprising love letters to a Stella far far away, we don’t want a pacific breeze to come in your open-air bungalow and sweep all that hard work away! So, make use of your phone and keep those documents secure.

An alternative to night-lights

An alternative to night-lights

Night-light: whether it’s a midnight glass of fresh and clean water straight from the tap or a 2 am peak outside at the beautiful Costa Rican stars, you can use your smartphone to guide your way.

Ebook: reading is a wonderful way to pass the time when laying in the sun or to sloowwww time riiiiighht down when trying to fall asleep, and having a book on your smartphone just might do the trick. Whether its the Canterbury Tales, Of Mice and Men or Shades of Gray, we’re not judging!

Weapon against bugs: although this could be a little dangerous for your phone, we think it is a viable way to ward away any little flies, ants or crickets who make their way into your room.

Solitaire: you really cannot underestimate the entertainment value in this age-old game. Whether you’re a three-draw hard-ball or a one-draw lazy bones, solitaire will always enhance your time in Costa Rica.

The Final Day of a Honeymoon Mother Earth Would Love

Day Four we did some surfing and sun-soaking, let’s see what your final day will bring!

Beautiful beach day.

Beautiful walk on the beach.

Day Five

On your last day, go for a hike with one of our knowledgeable on site guides and visit (and use!) some of the natural pools and wild waterfalls. Then take a nice walk southward down the 2km beach right out front, and have a refreshing final swim in the water! Really enjoy, on your last night, the feeling of being totally disconnected from the rest of the busy world, without telephone or internet, and allow your body and your mind to recharge during your final moments in paradise, perhaps with a cool tropical drink in hand. Check out this song to get you in the mood!



Well, it certainly has been an incredible get-away! We have seen exotic waterfalls, eaten mouth-watering food, and truly grown as travellers through unparalleled experiences. The decision before you now is not of whether or not you will be going to Costa Rica, but rather, when, and where you will stay! Good luck and safe travels.

Waking up early: a guide for sleepy eco-tourists

How many times have you said, “I’m not a morning person?” If you truly don’t enjoy the early morning hours, that is ok. At Lapa Rios Ecolodge, we want to convince you that waking up early won’t be hard, but it will be worth it. And, we will help make sure you’re not too tired to enjoy it.

Waking up early can pay dividends: A group witnesses new-born turtles

Waking up early can pay dividends: A group witnesses new-born turtles

We’ll start with coffee, delivered to your room, before the birds are awake. Choose it any way you want, and we’ll have it at your door!

Second, we’ll take you out of your bungalow for one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. Our Early Bird tour doesn’t just apply to our human guess.

You will be able to share the cool early morning air with more than 319 bird species inhabiting the Osa Peninsula. For keen birders and animal lovers, this guided tour guarantees numerous species of birds, morpho butterflies and other mammals. Don’t worry, we’ll also provide you with a pair of high quality bincoulars so that you can see the birds, even with a little bit of sleep in your eyes.

We will guarantee that the benefits of being a morning person at Lapa Rios outweigh those extra hours of sleep! Besides, between the morning birding tours and the rest of our activities, you’ll want to get to bed early in no time!


Day Four of Sustainable Honeymooning

Day Three gave you the opportunity to see Costa Rica in an authentic, unique and moving way. Now… today marries relaxation and adventure!

Day Four

Spend today really enjoying the Pacific ocean. Start the day with some surf lessons right beside our resort, then come back up for some lunch followed by an afternoon at Backwash Bay, one of our favorite swimming beaches! Return sun kissed and thoroughly exfoliated to enjoy a good rinse in the private outdoor shower in your bungalow, then maybe a mellow evening in. Read a good book in your bungalow, play a game of cards with a fellow guest, or listen to some traditional Costa Rican tunes!

The beautiful surfing waters!

The beautiful surfing waters!

Well, we only have one more day! See you a week today to find out how your unforgettable honeymoon will come to a close.

Day Three of a Green Honeymoon

Day Two took us deep into the jungle, I wonder what awaits today…

Day Three

Catch the sun this morning rising up over the Pacific, thawing the cool of the night to leave the warm, sunny morning in its wake. Explore the grounds here and take a close look at our eco-friendly systems of disposal and regeneration. Have a quick lunch and then go for an accompanied visit to the Carbonera School, which celebrated its 23rd anniversary just this past January. Play a little footie with the kids during their recess and maybe learn a little Spanish too (Check out the video below)! Return to enjoy the final moments of the day-light and then dine in our on-site restaurant again.

Some of the local kids at the Carbonera School.

Some of the local kids at the Carbonera School.

St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Well, today you will definitely read a new page of the world’s book.

Baird Tapir (Tapirus bairdii)

This year I was finally able to observe a baby baird´s tapir near Rio Claro River inside Corcovado national park. Unlike adult Tapirs that are usually a uniform grey color, the young tapirs, to enhance their camouflage, are a light brown colour with a white camouflage pattern over their entire body. They maintain this coloring during the first months of their life to blend in even better in the undergrowth of our tropical rainforest. To see a baby Tapir is very rare since the mother tapir is usually very protective of its young and keeps them far away from trails and open areas. We were lucky to run into the mother while she was showing her little one how to cool down when the day gets too warm.

Tapirs are herbivorous animals related to horses and rhinoceros that spend most of their time either foraging for the forests most succulent leaves and fruits during the cool hours of the day, or bathing in mud pools and rivers during the hottest hours. Due to their size they have little to fear from most predators and only the Jaguar is really large enough to try and attack a full grown tapir, and since these are rare the tapir’s main problem turns out to be fragmentation and deforestation of their natural habitat, making it one of Central America´s most endangered mammals. Still the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park are probably the best place in the world to come and observe this impressive mammal in the wild.

Day Two of Eco-Conscious Honeymoon

Day One provided a lovely and restful introduction to Lapa Rios, let’s see what Day Two will bring!

Day Two

Since you got in some relaxing yesterday, try going for an adventure hike today through the famed Corcovado National Park, which also just happens to be a World Heritage Site. Bring a packed lunch and revel in exploring the rainforest, which holds 2.5% of the world’s diversity in a mere 425 km2 of land. Make sure to keep your eyes pealed for White-Faced Capuccin monkeys, the very rare Harpy Eagle and even the endangered Baird’s Tapir! I’m sure our guide could spare you a few moments here and there to take a few newlywed selfies, too. Return to the grounds and enjoy a calm evening.

I spy with my little eye a monkey perched in a tree.

I spy with my little eye a monkey perched in a tree!

 And the suspense continues – see you next week!