Meet Eliecer and his family

Most of our guests will remember Eliecer and his dazzling smile in the Lapa Rios restaurant.

Eliecer Carmona is one of our star staff members at 29, leading our waiting team. He started 10 years ago in the maintenance department, not even having finished high school or spoken a word of English. Due to an excellent learning attitude and many training days, he has been part of our waiting staff for the last 6 years. He always comments about how grateful he is to work at Lapa Rios, where he has learned English, computer skills, leadership skills and also about wines, cocktails, food presentations, cooking meals and much more. He is proud to have worked for his own motorcycle to get to work and his own “casita” (house) where he lives happily with his cute 2.5 year old daughter Jasmin and 5 month pregnant wife Maria. We´re looking forward to one more child in the Lapa Rios Family! Here at Brisa Azul Restaurant, Eliecer is waiting for you to order that delicious meal or refreshing beverage anytime you’d like!

An Ecolodge in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios offers a rainforest vacation you will never forget.

Meet Lapa Rios’ new ELCR Manager

Hazel Blanco started to work at Lapa Rios about 3 months ago. She is originally from San Jose, but her adventurous spirit has taken her to different regions and places; a characteristic that combined with her passion for nature and empathy for rural life, makes the Osa Peninsula a suitable location to start a new journey.

Hazel is an ecotourism professional, graduated from the University of Costa Rica, and has a broad experience in the tourism industry. However, her concern for the environment and sustainable tourism has led her to continue studying a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Tourism, expertise that she applies daily while working at Lapa Rios Eco Resort.

As the ELCR (Experience, Learn, Connect, Relax) manager, Hazel is in charge of sustainability, but she is also responsible that our guests, staff and stakeholders can live the Lapa Rios philosophy:  “Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax”. So if you want to be part of this or have questions regarding sustainability, please do not hesitate to contact Hazel during your next visit or write us!!

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Mountain Biking near Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

In early May, there was a mountain bike tournament that started in Chacarita and finished in Puerto Jiménez on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

A lot of people came from different places, especially from the south part of Costa Rica, like Golfito, Rio Claro, Corredores and Ciudad Neyli.

Due to the geographic conditions, Puerto Jiménez is a perfect place to mountain bike.

In the past, we have had guests rent bicycles to travel around the area of Matapalo where Lapa Rios is located…are you bold enough to commit to this kind of adventure?

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Getting Married in Costa Rica

It is time for many young couples to tie the knot and to say yes to a new stage in life: Marriage. To celebrate such a unique occasion you must choose the right place to escape –  just you and your spouse.  It has to be a nice and cozy place where you have plenty time and space for each other. Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, in Costa Rica’s lush rainforest of the Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park, is the place. This is an idyllic place where every year many couples come to have adventure, relaxation and of course romance, surrounded by the most incredible wildlife, vistas and the warmest service.

Escape from everyone and everything and come to Lapa Rios in the wild Osa Peninsula…the best way to start a long lasting life together.

Located near Corcovado National Park, you will be in the heart of the rainforest at Lapa Rios Ecolodge!

Costa Rica’s Lapa Rios Ecolodge Signs 900-acre Conservation Easement

Last week, Karen and John Lewis, the visionary founders of Lapa Rios Ecolodge in Costa Rica, celebrated the realization of a conservation dream that will result in the permanent protection of more than 900 acres of virgin rainforest in the Osa Peninsula, one of the most biologically rich regions in Central America.Twenty-plus years ago the Lewises liquidated their assets in Minnesota to finance the purchase and preservation of 1,040 acres of virgin rainforest in Costa Rica and to build a small, supporting ecotourism project. Post university, they had both worked for the US Peace Corps in Kenya, where their conservation and sustainable tourism ethic first took hold.

“In 1990, we wanted to find a large enough piece of property that would make a significant contribution to forest conservation,” says Karen Lewis, about their decision to focus their energies on the Osa.

They had big ideas but still weren’t sure how to get from A to B. Determined to achieve conservation goals in a manner that would involve and engage the local community, they set about building Lapa Rios Ecolodge, situated on roughly 10 acres overlooking the Golfo Dulce, and turning the rest of the property into a private nature reserve. The lodge quickly became a leader in ecotourism, employing locals as lodge staff and guides while helping to fund and support conservation initiatives.

The Lapa Rios Reserve, some 900 acres in size, provides an important buffer for neighboring Corcovado National Park and serves as a wildlife corridor for the incredible array of species endemic to the region. Because of its intense biodiversity, the Osa is one of the last strongholds of the jaguar in Central America, and is home to all four Costa Rican monkey species, including the squirrel monkey, white-faced capuchin, mantled howler and spider monkey. Other Reserve inhabitants include the three-toed sloth, tamandua anteater, Baird’s tapir, poison dart frogs, 350+ bird species, as well as the venomous fer de lance and bushmaster snakes.

The Lewises wanted to take something personal and make it permanent and everlasting, regardless of who holds title to the land or owns the Eco Lodge business. That’s where the conservation easement comes in. Undertaken in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Costa Rican land conservation organization CEDARENA, the easement turns the Lewises personal commitment into rainforest conservation with a binding agreement that ensures the Lapa Rios Reserve is preserved in perpetuity.

The easement comes with strict guidelines around land use. It prohibits all extractive activities, such as mining, forestry and hunting, as well as further  building expansion, even putting a cap on trail construction to a maximum of 15,000 meters (there are currently 10 km of trail in the Reserve.) At the same time the easement encourages both scientific and educational activities on the reserve, which fits well within the Lewis’ goal of setting a conservation example and their guiding motto: “No matter how you cut it, a rainforest left standing is worth more.”

“We hope that this conservation easement will set a precedent across the land, even globally, using land for other than extractive purposes,” says Lewis. “This signing is what we’ve been working towards from the very beginning and now I feel we have truly accomplished what we first intended.”

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Lapa Rios Restaurant Near Corcovado National Park

At Lapa Rios you truly experience nature everywhere, even from your table in our Brisa Azul restaurant. It´s like from another world, with the perfect blue ocean view and the view of the forest in the distance, in the back and all around, sitting here your thoughts will only be interrupted by our friendly attentive staff member or a monkey passing by.

If a gastronomic experience is what you´re looking for we recommend to start off at breakfast with our signature LapaPupusa dish to be ready for any hike you might go on. At lunch time, have a chicken club sandwich which is delicious, the secret lies in our homemade bread. And for dinner we recommend a nice sea bass filet covered in a banana leaf with local vegetables which is unforgettably tasty and looks very typical. Already hungry for something like this?

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.


Plant a Tree in the Rainforest near Corcovado National Park

When you visit Lapa Rios Eco Resort, don’t forget to join our reforestation project and plant a tree. Lapa Rios is located about 20km east of Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and is part of a 1,000 acres private nature reserve. About 20% of this reserve (former farmlands) is now in the process of growing back into the pristine rainforests it once was. In an effort to accelerate this process, the lodge employs a “plant a tree” program in which we try to include our guests. The guides collect seeds throughout the year of trees that are either in danger of extinction or significant as a food source for animals, and have them germinate with the purpose to disperse them over the area. Many of these trees seeds have limited means of transportation so it could take years for them to otherwise repopulate the area.

The Osa Peninsula is a unique area with a climate unlike any other for hundreds of miles in any direction, making it a harbor for up to 700 different species of trees of which at least 4 species only exist on the Osa peninsula giving it an extra importance to keep the forest intact.

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Meet our new guide at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge: Valerie

Born in 1988 in San José and raised in Alajuela, Valerie attended a school of arts, but given her father’s job in tourism, she was always surrounded by nature, in which she found the passion of her life. Because of that, she studied and graduated as a Tropical Biologist from the National University, later specializing in Management of Natural Resources. Due to her love for amphibians and reptiles, she started working as a volunteer at the serpentarium of the Clodomiro Picado Institute for two years, then, after having visiting the Osa Peninsula for a practice for her bachelor degree on a nearby property, Valerie fell in love with the Peninsula’s biodiversity. As such, she decided to apply for a job opportunity in Lapa Rios Eco Resort and trained as a tour guide, where she discovered a new passion to teach people about the importance of the rainforest and help people to experience the rainforest in a whole new way.

Located near Corcovado National Park, you will be in the heart of the rainforest at Lapa Rios Ecolodge!

An Abundance of Wildlife near Corcovado National Park

At Lapa Rios Eco Resort, located near Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park, you might just have to share your bungalow’s personal deck with a White face monkey…or two!Eco hotel rainforest deck to see Corcovado wildlife at Lapa Rios

A fun show of the Osa Peninsula wildlife right there in your garden is part of the Lapa Rios Room Experience!

Eco resort with wildlife and nature in Costa Rica with whitefaced monkey.An Ecolodge in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios offers a rainforest vacation you will never forget.

Sustainable Travel Vacation: Lapa Rios Eco Resort

At Lapa Rios we always have encounters with knowledgeable people, who have really interesting lives, all of them experts in different fields and with exciting experiences to share with us and other visitors.  Last month was not the exception as we were afforded the opportunity to be in the presence of renowned professionals in sustainability, who provieded us with the courtesy of a talk about environmental and socio-economic issues related to the organizations they represent.

The first speaker we had was Daniel Katz, co-founder of The Rainforest Alliance, a successful nonprofit, that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. In this presentation, Daniel, explained us how he started it at the age of 24, and how the organization, over time, has been growing and transforming to what is today.   His experience allowed us to discuss the topics of sustainable tourism, organic and responsible agriculture and consumers behaviors.

Subsequently, we had the participation of Trip Van Noppen, President of Earth Justice, which is a non-profit public interest law organization, dedicated to protecting natural resources and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. Trip shared with us how this organization defends the environment legally, where they use existing laws to make their cases, but also through campaigns that guide people to become aware about environmental issues, and influence positively the policy makers. All the participants agreed with the slogan of Earth Justice which says: “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer”.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to share with Vicky Nichols, founder and Executive Director of the Colorado Ocean Coalition.  This non-profit has the mission to save the oceans from a mile high, landlocked city by uniting people from all over the world to engage in ocean advocacy. Vicky poses the challenge of getting inland people to engage and connect with ocean conservation efforts.  We also discussed sustainable fisheries, marine protected areas and climate change.

At Lapa Rios, we are very grateful for these three speakers, because all of them provided us with different perspectives about the environment and helped us create a great space, where other guests had the opportunity to ask questions or discuss their positions on these topics, and most importantly, they learned how to get involved in their country.  After listening to all the presentations, we can say that it was inspiring to discover how our guests are so committed to creating a better planet.  For further information about this organizations or our speakers visit their pages:,,

Whether honeymooning or taking a family vacation, Lapa Rios Eco Resort, located near Corcovado National Park, is an ideal setting for your next vacation in Costa Rica.